No Gym, No Problem!

Remember when getting your exercise was as easy as meeting Suzy on the monkey bars at recess? As I have gotten older it seems as though exercise has gotten more complicated, more specific and, definitely, more expensive. While I am a huge fan of the boutique studio workout, this summer I have ventured back in […] Read More

Better Money Management for Better Health: Building Your Emergency Savings Account

Written By Alana Karran One of the most important aspects of financial health is creating and maintaining personal savings. An emergency fund is designed to help you maintain a normal life when something unexpected happens, like losing your job, auto repairs, or a sudden health issue. According to financial experts, the emergency fund should cover […] Read More

The Neuroscientist Behind the World’s Largest Sleep Study on the Importance of a Good Night’s Rest

By Adrian Owen I’m Professor Adrian Owen, a neuroscientist whose research focuses on brain imaging, cognitive function and consciousness. I’ve been fascinated with the human brain for more than 25 years: how it works, why it works, and what happens when it doesn’t work so well. I run a lab at Western University in Canada, where […] Read More

ACOG Guidance: Individualize Breast Cancer Screening

Original Post: New breast cancer screening guidance from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) highlights the importance of shared decision-making between the patient and provider. The practice bulletin, published in the July issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology, focuses on women at average risk for breast cancer. The authors acknowledge the existing confusion from disagreement among […] Read More

Vegetable Dishes With Fun Names May Be More Popular Than Those With Healthy Names, Study Suggests

When is a carrot not just a carrot? When it’s a “twisted citrus-glazed carrot.” New research shows that when vegetables are described in new and exciting ways, diners tend to choose these healthy foods more often. One nutritionist wasn’t surprised by the finding. “Ask a dietitian and they will tell you a positive eating experience […] Read More

Start Your Day Without Worry and Stress

I have been attending a sales and motivational coaching program for the past 6 weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed the new insights it has brought me regarding managing stress, interacting with people and public speaking. I would like to share in this article a few of the techniques offered that can help in any aspect […] Read More

Better Money Management for Better Health: Finding a Sense of Financial Wellbeing

The term financial health is generally used to describe the state of your personal finances, including your debt to income ratio, general savings, retirement savings and how you manage your money day-to-day. Just like physical health, financial health exists on a continuum, with balance changing over time. Most financial planning programs and tools take a […] Read More