Cozying up to Autumn
We’re smack dab in the middle of fall and it seems we can’t deny any longer that it is getting colder. Here are a few suggestions for keeping warm and stylish during this transitional season.

Indispensible at this time of year is a rain coat with lining and a hood. No more pulling out an umbrella to dash from the car to the door! There are some great options out there at every price point that can take you from day to night. Traditional pea coat or trench coat styles are flattering on most body types. Don’t forget to check for lining as that is crucial to its suitability for this time of year. Rain coats tend to surface in stores towards the end of summer. The selection is best at that time, however, if you find one you love now odds are it will be on sale.

Scarves are the perfect combination of function and style. Chunky knit scarves work best as strictly an outerwear accessory but there are many that do double duty. In addition to keeping you warm outside, layer them over, well, almost anything! Shirts, long sleeved tees, dresses, cardigans, the list is endless. There are as many ways to tie a scarf as there are stars in the sky. Simply type “how to tie a scarf” into your search engine for far more options than you will ever need. Solid coloured scarves are always appropriate and you will get a lot of mileage out of them. A printed scarf, however, does a better job of adding interest to an outfit. Animal prints are always in style, and this is a low-commitment way to incorporate this classic look into your wardrobe.

Available in and endless number of colours and fabrics, gloves are a must. If you prefer neutrals for your bigger purchases (coat, shoes, boots, purse) here is a relatively inexpensive place for you to experiment with colour. Maybe you adore the colour mustard but realise that it isn’t very flattering on you – gloves are a great place to introduce it into your wardrobe.

Where to buy:
Big box stores are a great fashion source. Prices are generally very competitive and you can try on a variety of styles and colours and really get a feel for what you like best. My suggestions: Winner’s, Marshall’s, the Bay.

Stay warm!

By Kim England