Dress the Body You are in Today!

I have seen it dozens of times. Women holding off on making new wardrobe purchases until something changes – very often that something is in the realm of weight loss. What many people do not realize is that what they are essentially saying to themselves is “I’ll appreciate myself once I change or am good enough” or “I’ll put myself out there once I’m presentable”.

In today’s society we are bombarded with images of celebrities and models with seemingly perfect bodies. I say seemingly because essentially every image we see in magazines is digitally altered. That’s right, even those “perfect” celebrities, with their access to makeup artists, plastic surgeons, personal chefs and trainers, don’t look as good as they do in print. So why are we comparing ourselves to them?

If you aren’t allured by what you see in magazines, often women are nostalgic for the body they used to have (which they probably didn’t appreciate at the time either!) and constantly reminisce about when they had a smaller waist, thinner thighs or smoother skin.

If you have a closet full of clothes that are too small, do yourself a favour and part with them. By the time you get to your ideal weight or size, the items could very well be out of style. If that is too difficult for you, at least put them somewhere you don’t have to see (and torture yourself with) them on a daily basis. Fill your wardrobe with clothing that fits and celebrates the body you are in. There’s no need to break the bank in order to look great. Shops such as Joe Fresh, Target and H&M are known for their on trend pieces and reasonable prices.

The first step to getting healthy is self love. A great trick for losing weight (and feeling great in general!) is to appreciate and love the body you are in right now. A quick fix for feeling down about yourself is to write a gratitude list. Include everything you appreciate about your body – once you start to see visually all of the amazing things your body does for you, disliking it because of an extra pound or two will start to seem downright silly.
Feeling better about yourself will propel you to treat your self well in other ways such as exercising and eating healthily.

Enjoy your journey to a healthier you!

By Kim England