Face Forward Makeup trends for Spring 2012

As in fashion, there are a ton of makeup trends for Spring 2012. Instead of trying to incorporate them all into a look, I recommend zeroing in on your favourite feature and playing it up.
1. Eyes
Winged eyeliner was spotted all over the runways for Spring 2012, namely on those of Giorgio Armani and Dolce and Gabbana. To create the perfect modern cat eye have fun with it! Use eyeliner in a fun colour, exaggerate the technique by drawing the line out further than you normally would or draw a double line.
Glittery eyes were spotted on the runways and picked up by many starlets at the Oscars. In previous years, glitter has been seen mainly in blushes and bronzers. For 2012 the eyes have it.
Statement brows are a youthful look that featured prominently on many a runway this season. If its something you’d like to experiment with, I recommend that you talk to your esthetician about this one – he or she can assist you in finding a flattering fuller shape for your face.
Even though extreme smokey eyes are a look that is hard to get wrong, I put them in the advanced category as I think they require a little more confidence to carry off. If you decide to go for it, leave the raccoon eyes for evening functions only. If you show up at the office with them, everyone will just assume you fell asleep with a face full of makeup.
2. Cheeks
In makeup, as in fashion, athleticism and sportswear were heavy influences on the runways this season. Flushed cheeks created with berry blushes were a prominent look and created to give the look of an athletic glow as though you’ve just finished working out.
3. Lips
While rainbow bright matte lips were seen at Jason Wu and Diane von Furstenberg this season, red lips and nude lips are always in fashion.
4. Nails
For nails, anything goes this season. Glitter, nudes, bright colours and outrageous designs were featured by all of the top designers without any preference being shown for one manicure over the other. A pedicure is a great way to incorporate 2012’s colour of the year – tangerine.
5. Skin
Models at Stella McCartney and Calvin Klein sported a healthy “natural” glow. Makeup artist to the stars (and many of the shows at New York Fashion Week), Pat McGrath has shared that a “bare” runway look is usually anything but and is actually a look that takes a lot of makeup and work to achieve. Says Calvin Klein, “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural”. It is recommended that you spend 50% of your makeup application time on your skin instead of rushing through it to get to the fun stuff. Do take the time to clean up your brows, even out your complexion and put on some mascara. Fun note: for the bare look at Louis Vuitton, 10 coats of mascara were applied to models’ lashes.
By Kim England
Makeup looks clockwise from top:
– extreme smokey eye
– modern cat eye
– red lip and hint of a berry blush
– “bare” look at Louis Vuitton
– “bare” look with a statement brow and berry blush
– Matte neon lip and tangerine manicure