Lite Brite!

Ever notice that when the weather gets warmer, everything seems to get brighter? We wear less black and instead gravitate towards more energetic summery shades. For the past few years, neon summer manicures have been de rigeur for many fashionistas. This season, fashion designers have taken it up a notch. In every department from handbags to hats there has been an influx of neon that is super bright yet oh so right for this time of year. Slowly but surely, neon has become the colour story of the season.

The most fashion forward way to wear this trend is by pairing neon with neon. For those who just had an 80’s flashback or thought of Katy Perry, fear not, my favourite way to wear neon is to pair it (yes, just one) with a neutral. The neon colour family is a happy one. Dreading a long day at work or feeling a bit blah in the morning? Put on something neon and watch your mood improve. If you are still hesitant, an even easier segue into the trend is through your accessories. Neon jewellery, in particular, is super easy for everyone to wear. For an understated (well, as understated as you can get with neon…) look, pair your neon with something in the beige/camel family. A fun necklace or bracelet in a super bright hue will immediately increase the style (and fun) factor of your outfit. To get more bang for your buck, pair bright accessories with a black outfit.

Neon is not a trend that is confined to your work or casual wear. Step into any gym these days and you may just feel as though you’ve stepped back in time (minus the spandex unitards and shiny leggings – fingers crossed that those stay in the past). Super bright sneakers, tanks and tee shirts are standard gym wear these days. As I still think that black gym pants are universally flattering, have some fun by layering a bright tank top with a neon sports bra or an even brighter tank. As you may have guessed, the main idea with this trend is to have fun. Now if only there was someone I could talk to about making the actual workout easier…

By Kim England

From L to R
Aviator dress
Madewell Belle by Siegerson Morrison Randy neon sandals
Tory Burch Rachel crossbody wristlet
Touch of Silver earrings

Michael Kors stretch wool crepe dress
Bony Levy diamond stud earrings
MiMi by Sorelli gold tone edgy cuff bracelet
Rupert Sanderson high heel pumps
Warehouse belted straw clutch