Spring Hair Trends

If you aren’t quite sure which clothing and accessories you’d like to pick up for spring 2012, an easy way to look current in a hurry is by updating your hairstyle. While a quick consult with your favourite hair stylist will ensure you are on the right foot with this season’s hottest looks, most can be achieved with little to no effort on your own.
Continuing the sporty trend in clothing and makeup, most hairstyles on the spring 2012 runways were off of the face. Bangs were seen far and few between the myriad of slicked back hairstyles.
A popular look on the spring 2012 runways was wet hair. Pulled off of your face as though you’d stepped out of the shower or gotten caught in a downpour. A few designers such as Proenza Shouler and BCBG, showed this trend with wet roots and dry hair. As the finished product can be a little high fashion for every day, I recommend trying this one out on the weekends.
Similar to the wet look is another popular trend of loose, easy waves. This look is what I imagine the wet look will look like when dry. To achieve this “I spent all day at the beach” look in your bathroom either let your hair air dry or give it a rough blow dry – this look is not about being perfect or symmetrical. If needed, create some subtle curls with a curling iron and rake your fingers through when done.
Do ponytails ever go out of style? They were everywhere for spring 2012. Low or high, loose or tightly slicked back, the ponytail is a key trend for this season. If you’re looking to update your traditional pony, try the ponytail bun, which entails tucking the end of your hair into the elastic. For a chic finish, a la the models on Marc Jacobs’ runway, pull a section of your ponytail around the elastic and secure with a hidden bobby pin.
Braids and twists are other great upgrades to your current hairstyle. If you’re wearing your hair loose, why not braid or twist a few strands close to your face and pin them back? Or instead of having a loose ponytail, braid it and secure the ends with an elastic.
Other styles making several repeat appearances on runways this season include big blow outs, embellished up-dos and defined centre or side parts
So do you think you’ll be trying any of these trends? What is most important to remember is that looking great is always in season. If bangs or a short boy cut happen to flatter your face, by all means, stick with it!
By Kim England
Loose waves, the big blow out, the ponytail
Braid embellishment, the ponytail bun