Best Post Workout Meals

Just like carbo-loading and eating high protein before a workout, the post-workout meal is important as well. After you have spent your time and energy getting fit, wait 30 minutes before your nutrition boost meal. It is important not to eat too much, but rather to have a well-balanced snack that will replenish what your body has lost during exercising. Wondering what your best options are? Find out more below:
Milk-Provides calcium and a protein boost. Make it a flavorful with chocolate or strawberry syrup that will add sugars your lost during the workout.
Hard-Boiled Egg– This prime source of protein is also an essential asset to rebuilding your stored energy.
Peanut Butter and Crackers– In moderation, this snack will help gather protein and healthy fats that are helpful to rejuvenating your body.
Yogurt-By itself, yogurt offers you calcium and probiotics, but combined with an antioxidant rich fruit, it can be a one-stop meal for after your workout.
Fresh Fruit– As one of the best snacks you can have at any time of day, fresh fruit is excellent for post-exercise due to the high concentrations of vitamins.
Hummus and pita- For something more substantial but still healthy, enjoy the good fats and carbs in this treat.
Juice-Liquid is required after intense sweating, and juice restores the lost vitamin c and carbs you expend during exercise. But as it is, nothing beats a glass of water.
Find an arrangement that you enjoy, or mix and match to your liking. Whatever type of snack you consume after your fitness regiment will revitalize your body and mind and keep you going throughout the day without adding extra calories or fat. In order to stay fit, you must also eat healthy and that starts right after your workout. So eat right!

By Rachel Horwitz