Daily Motivation Tips for Weight Loss

Daily Motivation Tips for Weight Loss
If you have set out on a weight loss journey, it often feels overwhelming to stay on track on a day to day basis. Daily motivation is essential and should be the first thing you think of when waking up in the morning. Here are some motivation tips you should consider daily to stay on track to a healthier you.

Early Morning Alarm
We have all done it. You set your alarm an hour earlier than normal to hit the gym or put together a healthy lunch for the day. However you feel exhausted and go back to sleep for that extra hour. Guilty! Do not fall into this vicious trap, because a healthy lifestyle will give you more energy in the long run. Motivate yourself regardless if you feel tired, because it is worse to spend the day feeling guilty about not following through with your plan.

Daily Support
Enlist a person you see daily to be on a weight loss journey with you. Whether it is someone at work, or another mother who also drives her kids to school in the morning, develop a system to stay motivated together. Whether you attend a class at a gym during lunch, walk to school instead of drive, or simply someone to talk to daily, a daily support person will keep you on track. Make sure you have similar goals and can build each others self-esteem.

Food Journal
Keep track of what you eat daily. Although it might sound overly time consuming, consider modern technology like getting an app for your Iphone or smartphone, or developing a system on a computer program. Enlist the help of a nutritionist to learn how to count calories, track daily fat and protein intake and list sodium content. Be truthful to yourself and don’t leave out items like alcohol and sweets.

Day to day obstacles are often the most challenging and can lead to setbacks. Having a plan for these obstacles will keep you on track which ultimately keeps you motivated. Remember that allowing yourself a treat or even a beer at the pub is only human but should not be overdone. Keep your daily goals realistic and you will ultimately be on your way of achieving long term weight loss and health.