Fact or Fiction: Exercise Myths
Staying fit is of prime importance to staying healthy. Especially in the age of technology where entertainment can be found in the palm of your hand, keeping yourself properly fit can be tough. Finding the time alone can be challenging, but whether you exercise with a group or by yourself, at a gym or at home you’ll be rewarded for creating a plan and sticking to it. The possibilities for exercise are endless but results rely on the effort you put into your routine. So a pressing issue of the times is: how can you know your work-out is working when there are so many exercise myths floating around? Simple. Don’t believe everything you hear or read. Just to ease your mind further, here are a few common thoughts cleared up.

Women Shouldn’t Lift Because It Bulks Up Muscle
Fiction: This is a big fat lie. Women are simply not biologically designed to gain muscle like men do. Using weights as a woman to tone your muscles will simply help shape and strengthen the areas your work out.
If You Don’t Exercise Frequently and Intensely, It’s Not Worth It
Fiction: Any amount of exercise is healthy. You don’t need to hit the elliptical for two hours each day followed by an abs training to stay in shape. Even small amounts of physical exertion spread throughout the week can be beneficial.
Running is the Best Exercise
Fiction: There is no ultimate way to remain fit and healthy. Running is a great option, but so are recreational sports or swimming. Finding an outlet that suits you is what ultimately matters most. If you enjoy the exercise, you will reap the rewards.
Exercise Helps You De-stress
Fact: The endorphins released during work-outs fuel a happier state-of-mind and help overcome the negative energy you may have brought with you to the gym. It is safe to say that working out when you’re upset is a good idea.
Weight Gain with Age Is Inevitable
Fiction: As we grow older losing weight does become more difficult, but with an exercise routine that suits your age and capabilities, you can shed pounds just like the younger you. It may take longer, but it is possible.

The myths about fitness out there are endless and these are only a small sampling to show that what you may have believed you knew isn’t exactly all factual. Discovering the right routine might take time, but like the saying says, no pain, no gain…well actually that one isn’t true either. Find something that makes you feel good, not something that is painful. Keeping yourself informed about work-outs and how they function will aid in you finding a routine that fits to keep you fit.



By Rachel Horwitz