Fittest and Fattest American Cities

Have you ever wondered whether you live in a healthy city? Sure your local town has a memorable cityscape, places to walk and good food, but are the people fit? You might not be able to judge based on people you pass on the street. Some of America’s most notable capitols may boast the best ribs, or fabulous fusion food, but what they offer in eateries they lack in exercise.
The ability to remain fit exists for all people, but temptation and culture can overpower this desire. In the country’s fattest cities, these are just a few reasons for their fitness challenges.

Top 5 Fattest Cities
1. Lexington, KY
2. Indianapolis, IN
3. Jackson, MI
4. Charleston, WV
5. Oklahoma City, OK
These locations share a strong culture of community pride in their regional delicacies which undoubtedly plays into their higher obesity rate. When it becomes tradition to consume a large meal or indulge in fattening foods, the society struggles to find healthy behavior. However, these cities are the hubs of rural areas where exercise is obtained through leisure activities or manufacturing labor. And yet, due to the rural placement, gyms and other fitness organizations are in a lower concentration than in large urban environments. Additionally, the lack of stimulus keeps people confined to their homes using computers or televisions as their prime outlet for entertainment instead of seeking it outdoors.

Top 5 Fittest Cities

1. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
2. Washington, D.C.
3. Boston, MA.
4. Portland, Ore.
5. Denver, Colo.
Knowing what makes a city unhealthy, what makes a fit city? People who live in these health-conscious cities have access to nature reservations and rugged landscapes just as easily as they could hit the gym. The options for exercise appear limitless as they can use games from all seasons to maintain a healthy weight. Per capita, people are more likely to engage in routine physical activity or recreational sports than they are to sit on the couch all day. In addition, citizens of these grand metropolises find a well-rounded diet in local cuisine and healthy food options that outweigh the occasional indulgence.

Although you may not see your city on this list, your fitness is up to you alone. Follow the footsteps of the fit cities and create your own healthy routine that incorporates exercise as well as a regulated diet. If you encourage friends and neighbors to do the same, you might see your hometown on the fit list next year.

By Rachel Horwitz.