Want to Lose Weight? Avoid Potentially Harmful Exercises

Five Potentially Harmful Exercises
As we get older, losing weight becomes more difficult. Incorporating exercise in to our daily routine has become a priority.
Everyone is searching for the best workout for their gender, age, body type, weight, hair color……ok maybe not hair color, but people are on the lookout for that perfect workout routine, machines or set of exercises which will help them tone their muscles and lose excess body fat.
Unknowingly you may embark upon exercises that can stress your muscles and joints. These devils in disguise are something to be aware of. Aside from being difficult, they can result in injuries if not done properly.

Here are a few points to consider:

Spot Exercises: Some people believe if you focus on one area enough, you’ll lose weight and gain muscle tone. That’s not exactly how it works. If it were that easy, no one would need to work out.

Crunches and Push-ups: Meant to focus on the abdominal muscles, these forms of exercise can cause stress on your back if they are not done properly and may be harmful to your body rather than helping you to get that elusive six-pack.

Body Twists: Bending, stretching or twisting can help to increase your range of motion. Consider it as a form of stretching, but be careful not to perform these movements when you are not properly warmed up or have joint problems.

Joint Extension: Many machines are designed so you extend your legs or arms in a fashion that exercises specific muscle groups. If you start off with too much weight this could lead to a soft tissue injury. Be careful not to put excessive stress on your joints.

Ab Machines: Due to their design some ab machines will allow your arms and legs to perform the exercise. You may not be honing in on your abdomen as much as you think. Instead, try a routine that involves crunches. For example use a stability ball and get similar results.

Exercising is meant to be fun! Do what is right for you.
You may find it more enjoyable and rewarding to go for a fast walk or tackle yard work.
If you do want to include any of the above exercises in your daily workout, consult with a trainer or fitness expert before attempting and you will avoid injuries.

Humans are meant to move, so get out there and do it and you’ll see a difference.