Hot Video Workout Tips

Video Workout Tips

As we age, it gets increasingly hard to lose weight, especially around your midsection. Working off the fat collecting around your thighs, buttocks and belly is no walk in the park. But it’s not impossible either. Reading about how to succeed in weight loss is one thing, being able to see the exercises is another. In this post you’ll be able to watch a video of how to work out these key muscles sections and slim your frame.

To eliminate belly fat, you’ll want to work your core. These exercises will focus on your upper and lower abs, as well as your oblique muscles. Having a poor diet, coming off of pregnancy or reaching menopause can stack up the fat on your stomach. Here are a few tricks to help remove fat and give you back your flat physique.

 Tightening your glutes is a way to combat the trials of time and gravity that give you a saggy bum. Regularly walking, jogging or running can help. And although many of these exercises will seem leg-centric, they are really helping to tighten your buttocks. Don’t worry, you’ll feel it working.

For any woman, your hips and thighs seem to attract fat no matter what you do. And after having children or reaching middle age, slimming out can be a chore. Yoga and other strengthening workouts are a great tool, but using targeted exercises will yield the best results.

Joining a workout class or exercising with a friend can not only increase your motivation to attend each session or meeting, but can keep you accountable for staying on routine. If you are ultra busy and can’t find the time, many of these exercises are perfectly suited for a home regiment. Simply click on these links and workout in your living room.

By Rachel Horwitz