How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s 2013 and that means everyone and their mother’s uncle is starting off the year with a fitness resolution. They’ve promised themselves they’ll lose that last ten pounds, or tone up their muscles by the summer—but those midnight promises are hard to keep. So here are a few tips to be sure you lock in that New Year’s resolution and achieve your goals:

1-Create Goals for Each Week / Month
Take baby-steps here. Don’t set a crazy mark for yourself by insisting you’ll drop 50 pounds before the Valentine’s Day chocolate rush. Take it slow and steady. Create a goal for each week. Something easy like, Go to the gym at least 3 times per week. And your monthly goal can be, Loose 5 Pounds.
2-Write Goals on Calendar
Keeping a schedule in your head is great, but make your resolution concrete by writing it down. Maybe even have a workout buddy or family member sign it, so it becomes a contract you are sure to remain true to.
3-Track Your Progress
Either on the calendar or a special chart, mark down the progress you’ve made. Perhaps you are able to run around the track longer each day, or that you lost more weight than you expected. This trick will keep you motivated.
4-Don’t Get Down
Missteps happen. And sometimes it can be hard to meet every goal you set when life gets in the way. But don’t get down because you only lost 4 pounds, or you can’t lift that extra weight you thought you could. Stay positive and remind yourself that fitness is a long-term journey and you can do it.
5-Reward Yourself
After a great workout, a long run, or meeting your goals three months in a row, reward yourself. This doesn’t need to be a sweet treat, but if that helps curb your cravings, then have a chocolate bar. You could also watch your favorite movie or TV show. Maybe even buy a new shirt to remind yourself of all your hard work.

By Rachel Horwitz