How to Lose excess Pounds

Americans are all about the easy fix, and boy, is this easy. Losing a pound a week sounds like a monumental task, but it is rather simple. Now, you won’t lose one a week until the end of time. These tips are meant to encourage changes in your lifestyle to help you shed pounds gradually and in a healthy manner. It’s all about swapping bad habits for good habits and repeating them week after week so they become your new lifestyle and way of living.

Here are some pound shedding tips:

For Your Diet:
-Turn heavy breakfast items (muffins, bagels) into a healthy bowl of cereal or oatmeal
-Eat a boiled egg or make an omelet with only egg whites (leave out the cheese!)
-When you eat out, replace fries or chips with a vegetable or fruit
-Eat only light ice cream
-Substitute red meats with fish at dinner
-Swap a 500 calorie fast meal for a healthy frozen meal
-Drink tea instead of coffee
-Fill only half your plate during meals
-Use a smaller plate

For Your Fitness:
-Walk for a minimum of thirty minutes or more every day
-Save your knees. Instead of sprinting, go for a brisk walk
-Instead of hiring a maid, plan 1 hour of housework each weekend
-Get a pedometer and log your steps each week. Then add 1,500.
-If it snows, shovel instead of plow.
-Join a yoga, dance, zumba or self-defense class.
-Take up a new sport like tennis, volleyball, swimming or yoga
– Spend more time with your spouse exercising and play with your children outside for an hour a day. It will be good for them too!

Gradually adding these minor changes will help you begin to eat right by cutting out the fatty foods and replacing them with filling, healthy meals and snacks. Moreover, start slowly with the exercise suggestions so they are not strenuous or require excess effort, and can be comfortably accomplished. To help yourself lose a pound of weight a week, be sure to include as many of these daily tips as soon as possible and find new workouts and foods you can alter to make your life healthier.