Keep Your Body Moving

Exercises for Aging Adults
A recent commercial used a clever twist on Isaac Newton’s laws of motion saying, “A body at rest tends to stay at rest, while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.” Although the physicist was referring to mass, this aptly applies to the human body especially as they age. Older bodies are less able to execute tasks that were simple for their younger selves basically because humans are designed that way. So, if you sit on the front porch chair all day, your muscles and joints will be less used and more likely to succumb to old age. Whereas, if you keep active using exercises designed for an older adult, you can keep your body healthy as long as possible.

Four pillars to good health in your golden years are listed below with exercise examples:
Balance and Flexibility: As you age, your balance can be difficult to maintain, causing falls and missteps that can be dangerous to your wellbeing. By using workouts that train your body to hold its balance, you can avoid unwelcome incidents. In addition, joints can become stiff as we age, and promoting your body to stay flexible can stop lock-ups. Yoga is an excellent practice to increase your balance and flexibility, as well as simple maneuvers that hold one position to stretch your muscles. Try this twice a week, at least 3-5 exercises, but not two days in a row.

Strength: This is an important aspect to maintain, as it will help with accomplishing simple tasks around the house. You can carry gardening tools about your yard, or opt to go shopping and hold the groceries. Playing with your grandchildren is even an acceptable form of exercise to maintaining muscle tone. Twice a week, for thirty minutes at least, to keep your muscles strong.

Endurance: Having the ability to move or stand still for a long duration of time is what this pillar is for. Aging bodies often struggle to have the stamina to keep up with younger folks. By exercises properly, you can be busy all day without feeling winded. You could use golf as your long-term activity, or jogging. A good time spent swimming can fit too. Anything that keeps you going for at least thirty-minutes is ideal.

These workouts are to help your body, so don’t overdo them, or force yourself when something feels off. Increase the amount you exercise gradually, beginning with these minimum suggest. Speak to your doctor about what exercises are best for you, or join a regiment with your peers to stay on schedule and remain fit and healthy.