Cool Tips for Keeping Fit in the Heat

While record breaking temperatures sweep much of the country, many women and their families are debating on how to stay active outdoors and be able to survive the heat.

Here are a few cool tips to help you battle the heatwave:
If the temperature outside is above 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity is above 70 percent, don’t do any intensive aerobic exercises outdoors. Stay indoors.
If you start to feel dizzy or nauseated, and are sweating or you get the chills, stop and cool off. These are the symptoms of heat stroke.
Drink plenty of fluids, preferably water, before during and after your activities. Plan your outing or route so you can refill your water bottle along the way.
When outdoors, wear light coloured and wicking type fabrics. Don’t wear long sleeves or pants.
Run in the shade, wear a wet towel around your neck and avoid direct sunlight.
If you have any respiratory or cardiac problems, talk to your doctor first about running or exercising in the heat. Walking at a good pace is an excellent workout and less taxing on your internal thermostat.
Try aquabics, a cool intense pilates session in the water is a great workout.

Make sure your children run in the early morning or late in the day, to avoid afternoon outings during peak temperatures between 1-4 pm. If water restrictions are not in effect, take your kids to the park and play in the wading pools.
No matter how fit you think you are, be weather wise and protect yourself from overheating!