Staying Fit During the Holidays

Staying Fit During the Holidays: By Rachel Horwitz

At Thanksgiving you gobbled up the turkey, during Hannukah you were dealt one too many chocolate coins, over Christmas you unwrapped a heaping helping of figgy pudding and the Kwanza cakes nearly made you burst. Now what? The New Year is just around the corner and not too far away is the next string of holidays. Each year you feast. Each year you get out of shape. Each year you eat too much. Break the cycle of holiday binging in three easy steps:

Keep Yourself Active:
Most people go into the holiday season and give themselves a break in fitness. Why workout anyway? It’s winter. You’re planning to eat a lot anyway. That’s exactly why you should continue your regularly scheduled workout routine. Breaking your habit is the quickest way to fall off the wagon. Come the New Year, it’ll be a challenge to start over. Instead, find season-related activities that you enjoy so getting exercise is fun not a chore.

Get the Family Involved:
Just as having an exercise buddy keeps you responsible to your scheduled workouts, involving the family around the holidays in your healthy activities encourages you and your loved ones to remain fit. Get everyone moving for a walk around the block at the very least.

Watch Your Diet: This should go without saying, but everyone lets it slide when there’s such great food available. The trick isn’t cutting carbs or refusing to indulge in dessert. Maintain your consumption of food in moderation. Have what you’d like, but in manageable proportions. Don’t pile on the potatoes or pig-out on pies.

Eating Tips: Don’t skip meals. And don’t have seconds. Don’t ignore breakfast and lunch because your family has a big dinner. During the meal, take small portions and keep it to one plate. Have less carbs than you may normally consume and reasonably sized desserts.
Drinking Tips: Don’t drink alcohol. You can have sparkling cider or mulled cider, or soda, juice and the like- but just as with your plate, keep it to one glass. Consuming less calories in your drink will leave wiggle room in your diet.

Toast to the New Year and remember these tips to staying fit during the holidays!