The Best Motivation Tips for Losing Weight

The Best Motivation Tips for Losing Weight

How many times have you said, “I’ll start tomorrow” when referring to a weight loss plan? Motivation is often the hardest aspect of losing weight. Whether it is getting to a gym, eating healthy or reducing stress, everyone can use these motivation techniques to succeed on the road to weight loss and ultimately improve overall health.


Find a picture of yourself that makes you happy. Whether you are at your ideal weight, it brings back a great memory or you simply like your outfit, keep it in a place you see multiple times a day. Every time you look at the picture, feel inspired to look and feel that way during the day.

 Set Small Goals

Setting a weight loss goal of losing 60 pounds over a year span can appear impossible. Set small manageable increments, such as 5 pounds per month, and strive towards a healthy lifestyle change rather than calling it a “diet”. Include small fitness goals such as walking up stairs without feeling winded, or walking the dog for 30 minutes each evening to keep you on track.

 Social Networking

In our modern society, social networking has grown. In 2010, over 400 million users were signed up on Facebook, and over 100 million on Twitter. Social media sites allow you to meet people with common weight loss goals and interests, share tips and keep each other motivated. It is also a way to record progress and post pictures to keep you on track.


Reward yourself for reaching goals to stay motivated. Avoid using food as a motivation tool, and go for a new article of clothing in your new size and of course wear something that makes you feel great. Take a friend out shopping to tell you how good you look when trying on clothes.

 Analyze the Benefits

Robert Carels, a psychologist with Bowling Green State University recommends analyzing the benefits of losing weight to stay motivated. Make lists which include health risks associated with weight gain, and on the flip side health benefits of losing weight. Ask yourself if that second helping of dessert is really worth the guilt you will feel after. Or will knowing you had the will power to stop keep you motivated in moving forward. 

 Remember to always view yourself in a positive light, because you will project the way you feel. Stay motivated with these 5 simple tips and you will be on your way to success.

By Sarah Bamber