Popular Fitness Trends for 2013

Health and fitness is a trend that is here to stay in 2013! With all the research and education put into health in our modern day, fitness programs have become a science while incorporating fun. Gone are the days of expensive machinery and welcome the times of using our own bodies and even nature as the best exercise tools. Choose your fitness programs to according to what you enjoy and use some of the examples below to get you started.

Personalized training programs:
With more education becoming available about personal health and fitness, gone are the days of walking on a treadmill while reading a book and enter the phase of the personal trainer. If you are investing money in a gym, make your money worth while and get a customized program from a certified personal trainer. Not only will your work-out program be tailored to your fitness level and goals, but you will receive nutritional advice and be pushed to a limit you may have never reached alone.

Plyometric training:
Plyometrics has become very popular with the baby boomer population because it is a better way to preserve and build lean body mass. The system works on power production and light weight loads and emphasises body control. It is also a great way to keep the brain young because you are learning new skills while working the body. An example of plyometric training would be working on a golf swing (low weight with gold club, but high swing speed) and being able to control the body in all phases of the golf swing.

Have you heard of this revolutionary workout that combines dance and aerobic workouts? Zumba classes are generally 1 hour long and are catered to all ages and fitness levels. Dance movements are choreographed to music, but the most important aspect is to have fun, feel liberated and have confidence in your body. Zumba classes are designed for groups of people to have fun while working out and are great opportunities to incorporate friends into workouts and of course meet new people. Many workout facilities that offer group fitness classes offer Zumba.

Naked fitness:
Don’t get too concerned, it doesn’t mean working out without clothes on! Naked fitness takes workouts back to the human body’s natural biomechanical movements and takes away our reliance on machines, equipment and even shoes in some instances. It focuses on keeping our bodies in motion for longer periods of time and is often done outside. Running in the sand as opposed to on a treadmill, using logs and tires as equipment and swimming outdoors are all examples of naked fitness techniques.

Modern fitness is here to stay, and make sure you look into new techniques to incorporate into your personal health and fitness. As more money and research is put into fitness, it is important to stay with the trends to do what is best for your body.

By Sarah Bamber