What is your Body Type?

In the world of dieting, we are not all created equal. Some people have fast metabolism and can lose weight without even trying (or while eating a big ol’ cheeseburger), others struggle to knock off even a single pound after hours at the gym. These design differences in the human body require diets that suit your body type. When I use the word diet, I do not mean rationing food and keeping yourself restricted to a calorie count, by diet I mean: a healthy and regulated, daily source of food.

The body types below are symbolized with foods for an easier understanding of the shape. Review the list to find your body type and the proper diet that accompanies your form:

Pears: Your bottom rounds out your shape while your upper-body remains thin.
Diet for Pears: Eating more meals, but in smaller proportions will give your body the nutrition it needs without storing extra fat. Stick to vegetables for snacks and be sure to limit your desserts.

String Beans: Your body is straight from hips to bust.
Diet for String Beans: Well placed healthy fats and strength training can help curve your body. But to maintain your straight form, the best foods are high in healthy fats like, fish, olives, and nuts. Use fruits and vegetables as snacks throughout the day.

Eggplants: Your hips and bust are prominent features compared to your waist.
Diet for Eggplants: Do your best to avoid carbohydrates as these will add to your curvy form. Instead, look for complex fiber sources such as leafy greens, beans and whole grain foods which will fuel your body without leaving any evidence.

Strawberries: Your shoulders are broad but your waist is thin.
Diet for Strawberries: Salty and savory foods are your best friend; consume these as snacks as well. To control the amount of food you ingest, focus on dinner as your primary meal with light but hearty foods for lunch and breakfast.


Written By Rachel Horwitz