7 Diet Saving Sweets

They say diamond’s are a girl’s best friend, but we’d put our money on the real best friend being chocolate. It comforts you when you’re sad, it’s an extra delight when you’re happy and it’s readily available at numerous stores and restaurants. But when you’re trying to diet, your once closest companion turns into enemy number one. That guilt ridden treat that makes you feel like you’re ruining any chance at losing weight. Fear not, ladies! Sweets can be delicious and keep you in the same pants size.

1 Hot Coco– This childhood drink will warm you up and provide the chocolate you crave for the calorie conscious dieter
2 Pudding– These classic powered packets can deliver a much needed treat without adding next to any fat
3 Mousse– Besides its light and fluffy texture, mousse can be made in a variety of flavors
4 Parfaits– This mix of fruit and yogurt could be the perfect way to start the day, or end it
5 Macerated Fruit– Sweets aren’t always about chocolate, and fruit can be a healthy substitute while still treating yourself to deliciousness
6 Smoothies– Add fruits, chocolates, yogurts or whatever you please in this filling and sweet drink
7 Sorbet– Instead of loading up on ice cream, grab another serving of fruit for dessert

Using these seven diet saving sweets as your go-to treats, you can avoid consuming too much sugar as you might in a cake, cookie or doughnut. And better yet, you’ll cut back on fat and actually add healthy ingredients to your body! The best perk of them all? Stay satisfied and firmly on your diet without worry.


By Rachel Horwitz