Best Nutritional Apps for your Smartphone

Dieting is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be excruciating. Beyond the suggestions and tips offered on this blog, you could also find assistance in the palm of your hand. Smartphone apps are abound these days and there’s no one size fits all. However, if you need an extra boost during your diet, there are a few unique applications. On the other side of the coin from last week’s entry on fitness, here’s a collection of the best Smartphone apps for anyone on a diet:

Fooducate: As the title suggests, this app will educate you about the food you’re eating. Not only does it help count calories, but moreover, you can bring it to the supermarket and scans barcodes for all the details.
LoseIt!: Tracks calories in and out, using the what types of food you consume and the style of fitness you practice to lose weight.
Weight Watchers Mobile: This versatile app shows the best places to eat in the area, how many points street food and snack foods will set you back. However, you must be a member of the group to use the app.
Restaurant Nutrition: A lot of restaurants don’t list their food calories, but this app can help you understand the foods available at places to dine out and what they’ll cost you in calories
Calorie Counter: Likely the most simple of apps available. This one will track your calories throughout the day and week to keep you on schedule.

These are mostly free apps that anyone can download, the Weight Watchers program will set you back if you’re a member, but it’s one worth the investment. None of these apps are an easy fix to your dieting struggles, but they can certainly facilitate the process. Pick the one that suits you best, and while you’re at it, check the fitness post and download one of those as well to double-team yourself into a healthy lifestyle.