Eat Healthy Foods When Travelling

It is the time of year where most women are planning summer travels. Whether you are traveling in country or out of country, keeping up with healthy eating can often seem overwhelming while traveling. Meeting deadlines in airports often leave travelers eating chocolate bars or chips, or mowing down on a burger and fries while at a layover. Here are some healthy airport options that involve manageable planning ahead of time.

Look Online:
When booking a flight, also look online at the restaurants located at the airport. You may recognize similar chains you have eaten at, or even nutritional information for meals. Look for their locations at the airports and map out if a healthy restaurant location is on your way.

Pack a Frozen Water Bottle:
If you have packed your own snacks that need to stay cool, a frozen bottle will do the trick while keeping you hydrated. Juice boxes also work the same and even cold fruit will help keep things fresh. Although you can’t bring fruits and vegetables on a plane, bring them to the airport to snack on before flying so you will stay full and refrain from eating salty and fatty snacks on the flight.

Healthy Snack Bars:
The perfect traveling snack, these are great options to incorporate fibre into your day and protein to keep you full. Look for bars that have at least 3 grams of fibre and 5 grams or more of protein. Use caution with the amount of sugar in snack bars, look for ones with less than 35% calories from fat.

Remember that most fast food chains now offer salad options as healthy alternatives. Go for salads with grilled chicken or spinach and choose low fat or low calorie dressings. Salads are also a great snack because of their fibre and water content. Remember to add dressing slowly as you often don’t need the entire package to coat your salad!

Drink your meal:
Although drinking your meals is not the ideal alternative, they are easy to carry and keep you full when you’re in a pinch. Some diet shakes such as Slim Fast or Glucerna are low in sugar but offer over 3 grams of fibre and 10 grams of protein. By freezing a few shakes you will be able to keep them fresh in your carry-on bag.

In flight snacks and meals have improved a lot over the years, and now offer healthier options. Be sure to stay hydrated during your flight with water or herbal tea and choose individually packed nuts or crackers as snacks over cookies. Remember that eating well before and during travel will increase your energy and alertness for your trip!

By Sarah Bamber