Foods that Boost Your Energy – and Taste Good

All types of food provide energy, but when you are looking for an added energy boost here are some of the top foods to consider. Remember that even if foods are deemed healthy, always eat in moderation!

Dark Chocolate: Look for the darkest chocolate, with a high cocoa concentration for the best energy boost. Cocoa has nutrients that fight stress and also boost energy and focus. Refrain from eating the entire chocolate bar and only snack on a couple squares in one serving.

Citrus Fruit: The vitamin C found in citrus fruit helps enhance energy and improve alertness. Start your morning with an orange or ½ a grapefruit, add lime or lemon wedges into your water and drink throughout the day.

Water: Speaking of water, if you are feeling sluggish it can often be from dehydration. Do not wrap your head around the idea of “8 glasses of day”, but rather keep a bottle of fresh water at your side all day and drink as needed.

Bran Cereal: Bran contains B-complex vitamins and complex carbohydrates which are high in fiber. Fiber keeps the body feeling full longer, and of course keeps your bowels regular.

Salmon: Have at least 3 servings of this powerhouse fish a week, whether it is for dinner or packed into a sandwich for lunch. Salmon contains omega-3 which is used by the body for muscle and tissue growth and of course energy.

Eggs: Sadly eggs often get a bad reputation, but they are great sources of protein, good fat and energy. Eggs are rich in choline, a nutrient involved in metabolism and that helps the central nervous system.

Beans: Another small but mighty food that is high in vitamin B, protein and complex carbohydrates. Eat beans at lunch to stay awake and energized until the end of your day.

Dark leafy greens: Choose kale, chard, watercress and spinach for your daily dose of folate, vitamin C and K, calcium and beta-carotene. There are many recipes that include these greens to incorporate them into your daily diet.

Walnuts: Grab a small handful of these nuts which have the highest omega-3 concentration of any nut. Walnuts can easily be incorporated to top a salad, morning cereal or even as a snack.

Incorporate these energy boosting foods into your daily diet because they not only taste great, but provide energy.

By Sarah Bamber