Killer Snacks and Tasty Treats:

Killer Snacks and Tasty Treats:
When you’re trying to eat healthily, there is one word that can create a problem for any dieter. Snacks. Eating between meals is always a tricky decision, but it can also tide you over for a more sustainable food source. How do you tell the difference? Instead of leaving you on your own to guesstimate which food is a treat and another can kill your diet, take notes on the list below:

Healthy Snacks:
Fruits- You can create a healthy homemade smoothie, but fruits are best in their natural form.
Vegetables- Avoid the dip here and eat raw. This treat allows you to consume healthy vitamins and minerals that cooking takes away.
Peanut-Butter- It may be a surprise, but stick to the tablespoon on whole grain crackers and you’ll feel full.
Popcorn- Be sure to purchase fat-free styles and add your own seasonings. Spices or even a little butter.
Chocolate- In moderation, chocolate satisfies your sweet tooth. Avoid it and you’ll run into cravings.

Killer Snacks:
Granola Bars- The candy and sugar added make these a dangerous treat. Avoid processed granola snacks at all costs.
Cake- It’s simply too high in calories per slice to be a snack. Reaching nearly 400 calories, you could consider this “snack” its own meal.
Cookies- Save these for special occasions, not daily snacks. And if you must have them, bake your own.
Cheese and Crackers- It sounds healthy, but each component is loaded with fat. You can go low-fat , but that often hikes up the salt content.
Chips- The saying- You Can’t Eat Just One, couldn’t be more right. Chips are addictive, eat baked crackers instead.

When you look at it, I’ll bet you guessed most of what would be on the good and bad list. That gives you a head start to maintaining your diet. Don’t deprive yourself if you feel the pang of hunger between meals. Make wise choices and eat sparingly. That way you won’t ruin your diet but you’ll manage a tasty treat in the process.