Secret Suppers: Stay Healthy:

Secret Suppers: Stay Healthy

Sticking with your diet can be a challenge from the start. It can become increasingly difficult if your family expresses disinterest in the foods you are making for meals. When the family disagrees with what’s for dinner, but what’s for dinner is what keeps you on track, it’s time for a new game plan. Get the family involved. The trick? They don’t have to know they’re eating healthy foods.

What do you do?

Keep on a schedule: Kids of all ages (even adults) love structure. Knowing what is to come removes stress. If you choose what main meat to have each day of the week, but change the cooking preparation as you wish, the family will come to expect what’s for dinner instead of suggesting take-out or dining-out options.

Psst! If one meal is a hit- don’t be afraid to make it again soon!

Make it Fun: Kids love finger food and fun food. So, make both. Make bite-sized meatloaves, or pizzas. Set up a fajita station so your children can put together their own dinner. Children appreciate meals more if they have helped create them. It may lead to a mess, we’ll give you that, but take our word for it, and they’ll eat.

Psst! This is also a great means of portion control.

Choose Dessert Nights: Instead of treating dessert as a sacred, only-on-holidays type treat, provide the nights during which dessert will be served. Choose two nights a week, and provide healthy desserts. Make your own ice cream cone with low-fat ice cream. Shaved ice is always a good one. Or a healthy smoothie. Switch it up.

Psst! Not treating dessert as reward will decrease your children’s interest in having it.

Don’t Make a Separate Meal for the Kids: You are not a short order cook. If everyone was able to order their own meal, you’d never have time to yourself. And your diet would certainly be out the window. By keeping the family together at meal time over the same food, you ensure the continuation of your own diet and your family’s new healthy habits.

Psst! A healthy home is a happy home.