Small Changes That Lead to Lasting Impressions


It’s amazing how fast time passes by. From one moment it feels like the summer season is in full swing, and next thing we know fall is here. Many people take this time of transition to feel the need to make big life changes. Whether it is career-focused, or health-related, it seems like the change of seasons can bring big life choices. It is important however to refrain from these big changes during transitional times of the year. Instead, think about making small changes that can lead to big impacts. Here are some small daily changes to put into effect that can lead to success.


It’s amazing how we often find time for everyone but ourselves. With busy lifestyles including work, family, and friends, the person we tend to neglect is ourselves. It’s easy to make the excuse that there isn’t enough time but that will eventually lead to burnout. Take small, daily steps to find pleasure in your life, totally dedicated to you. Self-care can be as simple as sitting down to enjoy a favourite tea, taking a hot bath at the end of the day, or going for a walk while listening to your favourite music. Remember that feeling good about yourself, will only help those around you more.

Enjoy the Sun:

We have all felt the benefits of being outdoors on a sunny day, whether hot or cold weather. Vitamin D is one of the simplest cures for high blood pressure and mood. As the days get shorter, getting outdoors can be as easy as watering your garden after or before heading to work, eating lunch outdoors rather than indoors or simply parking at the furthest parking spot to get a sunny walk in before and after work. Simply think that 5 minutes in the sun is better than nothing! As you make more time to enjoy the sun in your day, it will become easy to increase the time you find.

Small Diet Changes:

We often strive for huge diet changes which can be overwhelming. Choosing to eliminate meat, dairy or gluten often require a lot of research and a learning curve in food preparation and planning. This fall, aim for small changes that lead to better health and lifestyle habits. Whether your goal is to drink more water or herbal tea, reduce meat intake to every other day versus every day, or make 1 meal a day without anything processed, begin with small diet changes that will eventually become a habit. I personally have made a habit to eat more salad, greens, and beans per week. What once started as 1-2 times a week routine, has turned into a 4-5 day per week habit. Check out the link below for great recipes that encourage small and easy changes that can become a habit.


If you recorded a number of times you focused on negative behaviours versus positive you may be shocked. We tend to be the most critical of ourselves, and dwell on poor eating choices, lack of exercise or even the way we approached or handled a situation. One of the greatest tools in the workplace is showing appreciation towards others to encourage great work habits. Why not apply those principles to ourselves? Whenever you do something great, or have a great day of healthy eating and exercise, reward yourself by thinking positively about those behaviours. One tool I have personally learned is to wake up with a smile…literally! Try waking up in the morning and simply smiling. As much as you may be forcing it at first, it will also become a habit and shape behaviour in a positive way to start the day. The article below from Huffington Post has some great topics to think about when starting your day.

Simply wake up tomorrow with a positive attitude and you will begin to reap the rewards of small but wonderful lifestyle changes.

By Sarah Bamber