10 Worst Diet-Breaking Foods

It’s well known that all the best foods are some of the worst for you. Their either too high in fat, or in sugar for any sane person to actually devour them. But they taste so good! I understand the protest. That is why they are tempting foods, because you know they are scrumptious but deadly (at least to your diet!). Sometimes, however, it can be hard to place exactly what these seductive treats are, especially when your stomach is growling for an impulse buy. Key an eye out, because here are the ten worst (in no particular order) diet-breaking foods around:

1. White Bread. This bland bakery product offers next to no nutritional value beyond providing you with excess carbohydrates. The sodium is often high and the fiber is low, try whole wheat bread for a healthy and satisfying alternative.
2. French Fries. Really, who is surprised by this? Most fries are actually fried twice, collecting more oil only to be doused with salt or dunked in salty ketchup. The problem with fries is you can never have just one.
3. Soda. People tend to believe drinks are zero calories. Perhaps water…but nothing else. All drinks contain calories and soda is no exception. Packed with sugar, nearly twelve teaspoons, soda is a surefire way to blow your diet.
4. Donuts. These are one of those tempting treats mentioned earlier. They’re sweet and fluffy and—no, don’t even bother. They are transformed into lingering fat that is stubborn enough to survive workouts.
5. Bacon. Don’t have to say much here. More fat than meat. Cooked in fat. Skip it.
6. Canned Soup. While these easily portable meals seem like a good idea, take a look on the nutritional label to discover they are jars of sodium with a tricky serving size; when you consume the entire can you are eating two servings. Make homemade soup instead.
7. Mile-High Salad. Plenty of fast-food chains and restaurants serve salads as an entree, but most are not the healthiest options on the menu. Salads piled with additional foods, especially cheese and breads ultimately lose their credibility as a reasonable meal choice.
8. Pop Tarts. Again, packaging plays a role in this deceptive breakfast snack. The single serving option is nearly impossible given its dual packaging and lack of reseal container. If you end up eating both of these unintimidating treats, you will have consumed nearly 500 calories, all before you head out the door.
9. Whipped Drinks. Smoothies, frappes, whipped lattes. The pantheon of mixed drinks is endless and a large portion of them are diet killers. Even some with just fruit can actually hide loads of sugar and fat. Like soda, people believe drinks are free of calories, but that is simply not the case.
10. Sugary Breakfast Cereals. Everyone ate them as a kid, don’t deny it. But on a diet these morning meals are a bad decision in a bowl. There are so many options for cereal, choose something with whole grains and less sugar.