The Best Ways to Prevent Food Cravings

The Best Ways to Prevent Food Cravings

Food cravings happen to everyone, and giving into them can leave a horrible feeling of fullness and loss of control afterwards. Use the steps below to help fight cravings, and be in control of your body signals.

Watch The Clock
We cannot fight the physiological functions of the body, and going more than 5 hours without food causes blood sugars to drop. Low blood sugar causes cravings and usually leads to over-eating which spikes blood sugars. Eating low calorie snacks, such as fruit or light popcorn in between meals will keep blood sugars level and help prevent cravings.

Eat Protein
Every meal should be balanced with lean protein to keep you feeling full longer. When eating fruits or vegetables, add a protein source such as yogurt, low-fat cheese or skinless turkey or chicken to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Lean protein sources will help cap off extra calories and add satiety into your day.

Fill up on Water
Many times it is simply dehydration that makes us hungry. Drink an 8-ounce glass of water before eating a meal then decide how hungry you really are. Keep a water bottle by your side all day to stay hydrated and remember to choose re-useable bottles over plastic water bottles to stay green!

Find a Distraction
We all do this – eat when we’re bored! Many emotions also cause over eating, therefore finding a distraction in these situations may be enough to combat food cravings. Go for a walk, do a load of laundry, or even go shopping to keep your hands off unwanted food. Choose an activity you really enjoy to feel great.

Chew Something
Simply chewing gum can fight food cravings and save you on many extra calories consumed. A mint flavoured gum can add a cleansing sensation to the body and keep you away from consuming something sweet or salty. If you are craving something sugary however, choose a sugarless gum in your favourite flavour to combat the craving.

Get Fresh Air
Staying stagnant around the house will only lead to overeating. Something as simple as fresh air will calm you down, clear your head and help quench any desire for overindulgence. Don’t let bad weather get you down, dress accordingly and enjoy the variety nature brings.

Keep these simple solutions in mind next time your body is craving a liter of ice cream or an entire bag of potato chips. Remember to not entirely limit yourself of the things you love but rather eat in moderation to prevent cravings!

By Sarah Bamber