Top Dieting Mistakes To Avoid – They Are Guaranteed To Fail Every Time!


Sticking to your weight loss goals is hard enough – the absolute last thing you need is to get sidetracked by flawed advice and fad diet strategies. Every day, new weight loss myths (and some old) circulate around and distract us from our focus – falling for one of these can mean watching the number on your scale creep in the wrong direction. Here, we discuss common pitfalls we encounter when trying to lose weight, and now to avoid them.

Overindulging in “Healthy” Foods

Eating as many “fitness” foods as we like can get us in some trouble! Just because protein powder, granola bars and trail mix are perceived as healthy (or marketed as such) they should not be over eaten. (Especially as they are very calorie dense!) And they’re certainly not a substitute for fitness and exercise activity. They can certainly be a good option as a meal replacement, but including them in your diet won’t bring you any closer to your fitness or weight loss goals. Many protein bars don’t contain enough fiber to keep you full for an extended period of time, and contain a lot of sugar or artificial ingredients. Try some healthy almond butter, fruit or whole grain crackers for a low calorie snack.

Letting A Fitness Tracker Rule You

In some cases, a fitness tracking device may provide a false sense of achievement! Just because you met your daily 10K step goal doesn’t mean you burned enough calories to make a dent in your weight loss. It also doesn’t mean you can abandon your healthy diet. Instead of letting your fitness device call the shots, focus on your healthy meal goals and number of weekly workouts instead of what your fitness tracker says.

Working Out = Eat Whatever You Want!

As the old saying goes, “you can’t out train a bad diet”. Weight loss is 80% diet, 20% exercise. Just because you put in work at the gym doesn’t give you the freedom to overindulge. One recent study conducted took two groups of people on a 1 mile walk – those who were told the walk was exercise ate almost twice as much afterwards as the group who were told the outing was just for fun! Don’t make exercise an excuse for overeating.

Jumping On Fads

Yo-yo dieting is the worst. People who jump on and off diets tend to put on more weight than those who don’t follow any diet at all. When in diet mode, we calorie restrict. Once we allow ourselves to eat normally again, we tend to overeat and store more fat. Not severely restricting our selves can help us avoid a later binge. Start making positive steps one at a time—incorporating one healthy change in your diet a week. You can start out small by cutting out sugary beverages, then work on your snacking addiction. If you slowly adapt your lifestyle to include healthier options without depriving yourself, you’ll lessen the chances of future overeating.