How to make exercise a Happy Habit.

How to Make Exercise a Happy Habit
Sure, everyone knows exercise is healthy and the proper way to stay fit. However, it can be challenging to work a routine into an already busy schedule. Never mind making it a daily habit that sticks. Let’s be honest. We’ve all tried to start making exercise a routine, but one off day when you forget and that’s it. Why return to something that you felt burdened by?

Wouldn’t it be better if exercise was a happy habit? Of course! With these five easy suggestions, exercising won’t be excruciating, it will be exciting!

Do Activities You Enjoy:
Yes, it’s that simple. If you try to run two miles a day, but you don’t take pleasure in the run, why use that as your exercise? Choose something you enjoy. Swimming, a recreational sports team, lifting weights; whatever activity you like to do. By picking a workout you enjoy, you won’t dread the exercise, in fact, you will look forward to it.

Make It a Priority:
If you don’t consider exercise an integral part of your day, it will be a hard habit to keep. If you consider it as important as a job, then you are more likely to carry through with your fitness plans.

Commit to Someone Else:
Having a friend, family member or even a pet rely on you for company during the workout holds you accountable to accomplishing something each day. When following a routine with another person, it also provides company and someone to talk to. This cooperative effort makes the time seem to pass faster and before you know it, you’re done. And if you’re walking a dog, then both you and Fido are happy.

Find a Time and Stick to It:
Does working out in the morning energize you for the day? Or would you rather wind down with a run after work? As it says, find a time and stick to it. By reserving a block of time for your workout and recording it (on a calendar, planner or log) the exercise will become an integrated part of your daily routine.

Reward Yourself:
This is the best suggestion of them all. After a healthy session of activity, give yourself a reward for your efforts. Positive reinforcement works wonders. I promise! Whether you choose to indulge in a candy bar, watching an episode of your favorite show or having “me time” in the tub, rewards will encourage you to continue the habit.

By Rachel Horwitz