Myths about Weight Loss

Myths About Weight Loss

There’s a lot of rumors and myths floating around about weight loss. How to do it. How it’s easy. How to do it fast. How to avoid fattening foods. A lot of these are not true and could end up hurting your diet or fitness regiment if you believe the grapevine. Using the most popular myths, we’ll clear up fact from fiction so you can eat right and eventually weigh less.

Myth: Snacking is Bad
Fact: Having a snack between meals can actually curb your appetite when you sit down for a large meal. By having handful of grapes at 2:30, you will be less ravenous at dinner and won’t need two platefuls to satisfy your hunger.

Myth: You Can Never Eat Out
Fact: You can still go to your favorite restaurant or even your favorite fast food joint. The thing about your trip that needs to change is what you choose to eat. Instead of something fried, get it grilled. Instead of pasta get a salad. And whatever you order, tell them to keep the sauce or dressing off to the side so you can use what you want.

Myth: Carbs are Evil
Fact: There are some carbs that are considered healthier carbs like brown rice or whole wheat bread. The best types of carbs are beans, legumes and lentils which you can feel free to eat as often as you’d like.

Myth: Constantly Exercising Will Help You Lose Weight
Fact: You cannot have a bag of chips and then run a mile on the treadmill and expect to lose equal weight. Exercising isn’t all about getting rid of excess weight. It’s about keeping your body healthy and fit. The happy accident is that you lose weight by sticking with it.

Try not to be swayed by the rumors you hear around the gym drinking fountain or the murmurs at the lunch table. These are just a few of the myths that are untrue. Do your homework when you’re looking into diets and find out what is fact and what is fiction.

By Rachel Horwitz