Spring Health Tips Number 1

For most of us spring is eagerly anticipated as we endure the last remaining days of winter. But for others spring can be a dreaded season as new pollens are released into the atmosphere.
Pollens are tiny seeds released by grasses, trees and weeds. Allergy sufferers have immune systems that recognize pollen as something foreign which results in the production of antibodies. The antibodies then initiate a cascade of events which ends with the release of histamines in to the blood. Histamines cause your nose to become runny, eyes start to itch and sinuses become congested.
The more pollen in the air the more severe the symptoms.
Some over the counter treatments that help include:
Antihistamines, decongestants, nasal spray decongestants and eye drops.
If your symptoms are severe see your doctor as you may need allergy testing (RAST) to determine causes which may easily be avoided and to determine which medications are best for you. There are some “natural” remedies but remember that “natural” is not always safer.You may require allergy shots or nasal sprays with steroids which will require a prescription.
If your symptoms are severe and they persist, get the help of an allergist and enjoy the spring air!