Live Your Dreams: My Antarctic Adventure

Live Your Dreams: My Antarctic Adventure

I have recently come back from a once in a lifetime trip to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica. After 24 hours of flight travel from Toronto to the southern most city of Argentina, Ushuaia, I arrived at the ship port where I would embark on my 3 week trip.

The first stop was the Falkland Islands which are home to much history but more importantly, the place where I saw my first penguins! After taking a short zodiac boat ride from our ship to the island, it was surreal to see hundreds of gentoo penguins on a beautiful white sand beach. Another highlight of my trip was the island of South Georgia which contains the best wildlife I have ever witnessed. The coast of Gold Harbour is home to elephant seals, fur seals and king penguins to name a few. All the animals were curious of people and would wander over to investigate!

Finally, after 2 weeks we reached the Antarctic Peninsula, a breathtaking landscape with glaciers, icebergs and crystal clear water. We also witnessed a rare sighting of orca’s (better known as killer whales) hunting a seal on an ice flow. The seal escaped unscathed as the orca’s were using the opportunity to teach their young how to hunt.

The trip made me realize how important it is to take time out of our busy schedules and plan a dream trip. It was an opportunity for me to totally relax because I left my laptop at home and turned off my cell phone for 3 weeks. Not to mention that for most ship days the only access to the world was through a satellite phone! We live in a time where technology often takes priority and I recommend for everyone to take a holiday where they can only focus on themselves and what you love.

A dream trip will give you a much needed mental health break, memories to last a lifetime, but also a fresh outlook when you return from the trip. Many trips can be purchased at a huge discount if you seek the help of a travel agent or book a last minute deal. So next time you are working long hours at the office and think you need a break, book your dream trip and make it a reality!