Setting Goals for 2014

Over the years I have found it helpful to review my goals and milestones from the previous year. After reading and researching a number of reliable and credible sources, I have collected a number of useful techniques which not only have helped me to create goals, but also to achieve them.

A popular technique known as Creative Visualization has been described by many individuals in professional sports and business coaching. I am not certain who deserves the credit for originally developing this concept, but here are some tips that are useful and also easy to implement.

1. Pick your goal, ie. State in a convincing tone, “I want to start exercising every day”.
2. Make a statement about your goal as if it were already true for you. ie. Say out loud… “I work out every day for 30 minutes”.
3. Visualize your goal in your mind as it if were part of your life already. Imagine yourself going to the gym or walking in your neighborhood for 30 minutes each day at a particular time.
4. Consciously “let go” of your goal and hand it over to the universe and relax knowing that there will be forces around you to help create your goal.
5. Live your life as you normally would and “listen” to your inner voice. Write down any suggestions or ideas your inner voice or intuition may deliver to you. You may be pleasantly surprised as to where these thoughts will take you and you could reach your goals sooner than you would normally think is possible.

More creative visualization techniques to help you envision and implement your goals will follow in the next January 1, 2014 New Years post.

Keep dreaming and have a very safe and Happy New Year.

See you in 2014!

Dr. Barb.

Reference: Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain