Seven Best Vacation Spots for Women Traveling Solo

Planning on taking a vacation sometime in the new year? Better Health for Women has created a list of getaways and vacation spots we know you’ll love.

Often times, women wish to escape the routine of their daily lives with a women’s only vacation with a group of close friends, or set off on a solo retreat for some serious relaxation.

  1. Sidney, Australia

    Sidney Australia is a gorgeous city with enough variety to suit any traveler—beaches, spas, museums, and fine dining are all available for women who are traveling alone or with a small group of friends. Market Watch recommends Australia especially for solo women travelers—Australians have a reputation for being helpful and easygoing. Sydney offers plenty of culture for women wishing to learn more about Australian history, many women enjoy swimming and wandering Sidney’s many parks, helicopter rides are also very popular for taking in unique views of the city, as are harbor cruises and walking tours.

    Hiking Enthusiast? Try Overland Track, Australia

    Explore Australia’s prehistoric wilderness, most accessible on the 80km, six-day hike of Overland Track. Located between Cradle Mountain and Lake St. Clair (Australia’s deepest natural freshwater lake), this boardwalked path passes by beautiful craggy mountains, extensive forest and moorlands.

    Notable Restaurants

    Brunetti – Melbourne Australia – Italian
    From dawn to midnight, Brunetti is a “mini-Roman empire” famous for coffee, authentic pastries, granitas and other delicious Italian cuisine, popular with locals and visitors alike.

    Enzo’s on the Beach – Hervey Bay, Australia – Café

    This shabby-chic outdoor café with a beachfront location is a fantastic choice for healthy focaccias, salads, wraps, light meals, and beautiful views.

  2. Bali, Indonesia

    Women with a sense of adventure and a love for the ocean may wish to vacation to Bali for a surfing retreat—as recommended by the Travel Channel, adventurous women can sign up for a women’s only retreat with spa treatments, gourmet food, swimming, yoga sessions, and take advantage of local shopping, combined with hours of surfing and enjoying the beach. Surf classes are available, as are many other activities including elephant rides, and visitations to local town and attractions, a Bali is overall great place to unwind and enjoy beautiful scenery.

    Notable Restaurants

    Bali Buddah – Ubud, Indonesia – Global Cuisine

    This local institution offers a mostly veggie cuisine with a variety of healthy foods, as well as a health food store and bakery downstairs—the blueberry muffins have a stellar reputation. Ideal destination for vegans and raw foodists, as well as carnivores and other travelers looking for a stop for tasty food and drink.

  3. New York City

    The ultimate destination for a solo female traveler would be New York City—you’ll find a million activities to keep you busy, including shopping on 5thAvenue, climbing the Empire State Building, eating at world renown restaurants or catching a Broadway show. New York is an entirely walkable city with an excellent public transportation system, cabs are also available should you wish to travel that way.

    Notable Restaurants

    Katz Deli – Lower East Side – Delicatessen

    A famous NCY legend and fairly pricey, this is known as the best place to go for a pastrami on rye sandwich. Perfect place to stop when on a walking tour of the city—highly recommended by locals and visitors alike.

    Eataly – Manhattan – Restaurant and Market

    One of New York Magazine’s picks of the city’s best restaurants, Mario Batali’s Eataly is “Foodie Heaven” in NYC. Only a short walk from Penn Station, Eataly is a huge Italian market in Manhattan that has many different restaurants all within the same building. Good pasta, good pizza, and good shopping.

  4. Costa Rica

    This destination is ideal for the solo female traveler—a great place for zip-lining, hiking, white-water-rafting, and other beach activities, including swimming, snorkeling, and tanning. Costa Rica is not a huge destination for honeymooners and receives less of a couples crowd, that’s why it’s ideal for women looking to explore and unwind alone. Should you decide to visit Costa Rica, it’s recommended to hike the Manuel Antonio National Park where you can enjoy lush scenery of the rainforest and unique wildlife. Costa Rica also provides great opportunities for volunteering, such as teaching English or helping out endangered wildlife (sea turtles and other animals). If you’re in the mood for luxury, there are hotels and resorts that offer just that as well.

    Notable Hotels

    Mariott Los Suenos Resort, Los Suenos, Costa Rica

    Recognized by Travel & Leisure magazine readers as one of the “world’s best” hotels, the Los Suenos Mariott Ocean & Golf resort is a beautiful hotel located between the warm waters of the Pacific and a tropical rainforest with tunning ocean, garden, and mountain views.

    The Gia Hotel and Reserve – Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

    This adults only, luxury boutique beach 5 star hotel and resort is considered one of the most ideal tropical getaways, offering an ideal blend of luxury in an exotic location—perfect blend of modern amenities and nature.

  5. Peru

    This destination is a popular choice for solo women travelers with a love for culture and history—Peru is brimming with colonial and Inca history. Women can join tours and other organized excursions to visit Machu Picchu to enjoy incredible views and learn about the ancient Inca—Peru is also affordable, easy to navigate on foot with plenty of opportunities to shop and haggle at local markets. Travel Lady online magazine also recommends Peru for single travelers as men tend to respect women traveling alone, although it is always advisable to travel together and avoid staying alone out at night.

    Hiking Enthusiast? Try the Inca Trail

    A great place to hike, this ancient trail was laid by the Incas and is currently travelled by thousands of visitors each year. This trail leads from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu, winding up and down around mountains. You’ll experience viewsof high cloud forest, combined with white-tipped mountains and cliff-hugging ruins, truly South America’s most beautiful trail.

  6. Ireland recommends Ireland as an ideal vacation destination because of how friendly the Irish people are—it’s very easy to meet people and also very safe. There are so many things to do in Ireland you may find it hard to leave! Sign up for a popular tour—the Gray Line Wicklow Mountains and Lakes tour for one provides a spectacular view of the lakes and valleys at Glendalough and Dublin Castle. Dublin Writer’s Museum is a popular destination for history enthusiasts, celebrating authors such as Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, and Frank McCourt. Irish B&B are your best option for lodging as they tend to be very affordable for solo travelers, not to mention owners and guests are typically very welcoming.

    Notable Attractions:

    • Gallery of Modern Art is located at the north end of Parnell Square. Guided tours, recitals, and lectures are offered.
    • Old Jameson Distillery, on Bow Street in Smithfield Village, tells the story of the “Water of Life”. Guided tours are offered in the original distillery and at the end you get a taste.
    • National Museum of Ireland, at Collins Barracks, includes displays and exhibitions of Ireland’s social economic and military history.
    • Phoenix Park is located beside Collins Barracks and is the largest enclosed city park in Europe.
  7. Arizona

    This is an excellent vacation choice for women looking for a no-hassle, US getaway. The Grand Canyon is a popular tourist attraction and a safe place to explore during the day with many great opportunities for hiking. Women looking for a vacation with walking and beautiful picture opportunities will appreciate a vacation at the Grand Canyon. Be mindful that rafting trips may need to be booked several months (sometimes a year) in advance. Arizona is a great place for hiking, swimming, and enjoying nature.

    Resources and Guides for Grand Canyon Travel:

    Canyon Explorations
    Grand Canyon IMAX Theater/National Geographic Visitor Center
    Moki Mac
    Outdoors Unlimited
    Wilderness River Adventures

We hope this article gets you thinking about possible vacation destinations—there’s nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than a vacation. Should you choose to travel solo or with a group of close friends, pack your bags and head out to one of these hot spots to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.