Small Changes for a Healthier, Happier and Better You

Sometimes we all thrive on simplicity when it comes to dieting, exercise and nutrition. Here is a list of 10 changes you can make in your life that will promote your ultimate health but are very easy to incorporate into a daily routine.

1. Brush your teeth with your other hand – research shows that using your non-dominant hand to perform simple tasks can improve your mood and memory
2. Have a few walnuts – walnuts contain liver healthy omega-3 fatty acids which can help with fatigue and malaise
3. Pick your tempo- working out to a beat that corresponds to your heart rate will improve your workout motivation
4. Say it out loud – when you learn something new say it out loud, or repeat it to someone else to retain the information
5. Wake up with a plan – rather than hitting the snooze button, hit the shower and try to remember yesterdays headlines to activate your body both physically and mentally
6. “I forgive you” – practice this phrase and use it after an argument to see a situation through understanding and compassion
7. Purge toxic possessions – dwelling on regrets and negative memories fuels depression, so purge items that remind you of those times
8. Stand on the balls of your feet – simply standing on the balls of your feet will make you more grounded whether you’re having a tough conversation or giving a big presentation
9. Take 10 minutes for daydreaming – when you’re stumped on a problem let your mind wander, go to a place with little outside stimuli and think pleasant thoughts
10. Eat an apple – research shows that eating an apple before lunchtime will make you consume 190 less calories at a meal than if you choose applesauce or apple juice

Start by incorporating one idea per day into your daily routine and before long you will have 10 easy solutions that will make you feel better without putting in extra time. Remember that small changes will eventually lead to a big end goal!

By Sarah Bamber