The Healing Power of Animals

Many people have had pets come into their lives and whether they are big or small have made an impact on their lives for the better. Animals are said to have healing powers on humans and are utilized for their nurturing qualities. Our pet’s health often reflects our own health and vice versa. Here are some amazing benefits pets can make on your life.

Service Animals:
We often see seeing-eye dogs guiding people through the streets, but service dogs are also utilized for mental health, autism and other disorders. Horses are used for therapeutic riding for the disabled and even therapeutic touch in some individuals. Cats are often found in senior or nursing homes as companions for the elderly and provide humour and of course love. There are many ways to integrate animals into our lives and we are only grasping the cusp of the healing values they have on humans.

Keeping pets in top shape is an important part of their health and longevity. Having a dog will get you out walking, no matter what the weather in some cases! If your veterinarian recommends that your dog needs more exercise, it is only an excuse to get yourself out walking as well. Explore trails with your dog and interact with new people at the dog park as an excellent and fun way to stay in shape.

Often times our pets have a better diet than we do. Veterinarian preferred dog foods are nutritionally balanced and are often measured every meal to keep your pet healthy. Take advice from your pets and ensure you are reading the back of nutrition labels and eating a balanced diet. Remember that portion control is key to losing or maintaining weight and just like your pet you should have a set amount of food that you eat at each meal or snack.

Booking Yearly Doctor’s Visits:
Veterinarians recommend that pets come in for yearly physical exams and the same should performed for people as well. We often forget about seeing our general practitioner yearly but use your pet’s yearly exams as a reminder to yourself to be checked out.

I have had the pleasure of being around animals all my life and have many wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Recently, I met a man whose bond with his dog is something I will always remember. The dog is aging and although comfortable only has a few months to live. The man himself is also terminally ill and has been granted the same amount of time. The man’s wish is to pass away at the same time as his dog, because he cannot imagine his life without his partner by his side. The joy they bring to each other’s life is evident and it is wonderful to know they have each other to count on.

By Sarah Bamber