If you want to lose weight permanently, exercise and a healthy diet are the cornerstones to change. Eating grapefruit for two meals, fasting, or consuming a liquid diet would not be considered healthy.

It is within the realm of possibility to eat what you’d like daily by consuming moderate proportions and food that nourishes your body.

A major road block many people face in their pursuit to lose weight is that they believe their food options are limited and flavorless. This idea is perpetuated by companies that create bland based meals and call it “diet food”. Without a doubt, this is not the way to enjoy your campaign against those stubborn pounds. Never fear, you can cut calories without losing flavor and still lose weight.

For regular meals throughout the day the following suggestions are a nutritious foundation for maintaining flavor while cutting calories.

For breakfast, avoid fatty lattes. Ask for low fat milk, green tea or plain coffee. Along with your morning elixir, substitute bread, pastries and bagels with english muffins, low fat muffins, rice cakes or flatbread. Try low fat or gluten free cereals with skim milk.
Another option is a poached egg or egg white omelet. On the side, choose turkey bacon over pork bacon or baked tomatoes sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

For snacks between meals eat nuts, fruits and vegetables as snacks to avoid the salt and fat in chips and other processed snacks, that may tempt you.

Smaller frequent meals seem to work for some people. If you prefer regular meals such as lunch or dinner, top your salad with oil and vinegar based dressings for a flavor boost. Try ground chicken or turkey instead of the fattier meats such as pork and beef when making meatloaf, burgers or meat sauces. In addition, foods that often fry in oil taste even better baked in the oven (i.e. fries, fish or chicken). To increase the aroma and flavor of your meals, add herbs and spices accordingly.

Here are some tips to consider instead of dessert and baked goods which are typically the downfall of many diets;

Switch margarine for butter and cut back on the amount used. Oil is prevalent in many baked goods, but can easily be avoided by using reduced fat yogurt or applesauce instead. Egg whites make their debut again, but be sure you know where yolks can be removed and where they are required. A tasty alternative for many recipes is substituting honey for sugar. Honey is sweeter and you reduce the number of empty calories sugar yields.

Reprogram yourself by eating your meals on small plates or bowls. This helps to create a feeling of satiety after having eaten smaller proportions.

When you feel the munchies between meals or late at night, have a glass of water and wait before consuming a healthy snack.

Take a walk after you’ve eaten. The movement promotes digestion and you will instantly feel the healthful effects while burning calories.

Remember, finding the right combination of a healthy diet and exercise can be delicious and rewarding.

By Rachel Horwitz and Dr. Barb

PS by Dr. Barb: A few years ago I spent a week at Miraval Resort and Spa in Tucson Arizona with some health conscious friends.
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