How to Train Like the William’s Sisters- US Open Tennis 2012

You don’t have to be training for the US Open in New York to be able to take a page from the professional’s workout routine. Believe it or not, tennis is a different breed of sport than basketball or soccer. The time you’re moving around is relatively short-spanned in comparison. However, toned muscles and the ability to perform over a long period of time are key. If you play tennis on the weekends, or maybe not at all, these exercises will provide results:

• Side-to-Side Sprints
• Endurance Jogging
• Lunges
• Arm Strengthening (bicep, tricep curls)
• Back Strengthening (rowing exercises)

You’ll need to implement this strategy at least three times a week for an hour if you want it to be effective. You could even do it every day if you truly want to emulate the William’s sister’s masterful physique. For fair-weather players, the most important aspect is the endurance and strength training. By focusing on specific muscles, you can increase the skill in your game or your happiness when you look in the mirror. As for endurance jogging, it’s twofold. Sure, you’ll be able to stay on the court longer, but you’ll also keep yourself healthy. A light job every day gets your blood moving and gives you the chance to burn calories.

The intensity of the training might seem intimidating at first, but when you break it down, it becomes clear that this regiment is doable. And in fact, it is beneficial to even the most temperamental of sportswomen. Choose reps and sets as you see fit. Start small and work your way up. You have control over your workout, so choose something you feel comfortable with. By following these suggestions, you’ll start out an amateur but one day you might rival the chiseled body of the William’s sisters. Just one suggestion: Leave the tennis to them.