7 Cancer Fighting Foods

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the food-lover in all of us, I’ve compiled a list of seven cancer fighting foods. These gifts of nature combat free-radicals through their high concentration of antioxidant properties. Different foods are composed of various types of antioxidants that help to fight off cancer and by eating an array of these provisions you can guide your body on a path to cancer prevention.

Fish: Comprised of several forms of antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Omega 3 and Vitamin D, fish should be consumed at least once a week. Salmon in particular also provides B6 which can boost immunity.

Berries: Vitamin C is found in high abundance in berries, most specifically blueberries. Berry fruit contains anthocyanins which also protects your body from illness and blocks cancers from spreading.

Green Tea: Teas are a great source of antioxidants and can be consumed daily to increase prevention. Although black tea is also healthy, green tea contains flavonoids and catechins which hold antioxidant properties.

Spinach and Leafy Greens: These foods harbor the nutrients beta-carotene and lutein which together ward off a host of cancers while simultaneously supporting your body with anti aging effects.

Tomato: Lycopene is a very powerful antioxidant and 85% of its intake comes from this fruit.

Carrots: In addition to Vitamin A, beta-carotene can lower the risk of many cancers, especially in women.

Whole Grains: Although selenium is a mineral, not a nutrient, it is a component of antioxidants enzymes found in whole grains. Whole grain pasta, brown rice and oatmeal to name a few are sources of high Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Folate rich foods like these are great outlets for antioxidants to prevent cancerous cells.

Cancer prevention comes down to a healthy diet and these three simple rules: 1- Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. 2- Limit fat intake. 3- Drink in moderation. Incorporating these ideas into your daily routine can create a healthy habit that encourages a cancer-free life. While these foods do not cure cancer or offer a guaranteed prevention, studies show they are vital assets to helping your body fight off any potential problems.



By Rachel Horwitz