HRT AND BREAST CANCER: The Confusion and the Debate Continue.

Article Comments HRT And Breast Cancer: The Confusion And Debate Continue November 16th, 2010 by DrPeggyPolaneczky in Better Health Network, Health Tips, News, Opinion, Research A new analysis of long-term data from the Women’s Health Initiative confirms what we already knew the first time around: Use of combination hormone replacement (HRT*) is associated with a […] Read More

Christiane Northrup

Dr. Christiane Northrup is the internationally famous women’s health and wellness guru who proclaims a medicinal and healing philosophy that recognizes the unity of spirit, mind and body. She tells us of a life where you learn how to respect your body as a precious creation, where you no longer fear illness and where your […] Read More

Women’s Health Supplements

There is a huge variety of health supplements available on the market. Are there health supplements that are specifically formulated and intended for women? Yes, there are. Women have special health needs that must be addressed. Of course, good nutrition and regular exercise are two important pillars of good health. Sadly, many of today?s processed […] Read More