Some Food Facts

In the age of the internet, rumors can spread like wildfire and some of the most prevalent rumors are about the foods we consume. What’s good, what’s bad, what should never be eaten. Once a food gains a negative reputation, good luck convincing anyone otherwise. Even if the rumor was incorrect to begin with. Here […] Read More

Traveling Alone

The thought of traveling alone as a single female can often create feelings of fear or insecurity and be quite overwhelming. During my travels in Antarctica I had the opportunity to meet a very special woman from England who proved to be quite the opposite. My fellow traveller is 76 years old and began her […] Read More

Fashion Trend Report

Peplum This nipped in style appears to be sticking around a little longer than originally expected. Look for this waist enhancing style in tops, skirts and dresses. One word of caution, if wearing a peplum dress, ensure that the top and bottom of the dress are sufficiently fitted (fitted, not tight) as loose versions will […] Read More

Fitness with Kids

For most of the country, this week is school vacation week. A beloved time for children from Long Island to the Redwood Forest to escape school for a few days. But for parents, it can be an anxiety-filled seven days of trying to find activities for the kids to do. And meanwhile, you wonder how […] Read More

Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy

This is a recent article from Medscape which contains important information that women diagnosed with Breast Cancer should be aware of. Lumpectomy May Have Better Survival Than Mastectomy No Data on Systemic Therapy Nick Mulcahy Jan 28, 2013 The largest observational study of women with early breast cancer suggests that breast conserving therapy/BCT (lumpectomy and […] Read More