Warm Weather Fashion Ideas

While everyone looks forward to spring and summer, for some, getting dressed comfortably for warmer temperatures can be nerve-wracking. If you have ever been over your ideal weight by more pounds than you are comfortable with, I’m sure you can relate. For some, leaving the comfort of all over coverage in the cooler months can […] Read More

Eat Healthy Foods When Travelling

It is the time of year where most women are planning summer travels. Whether you are traveling in country or out of country, keeping up with healthy eating can often seem overwhelming while traveling. Meeting deadlines in airports often leave travelers eating chocolate bars or chips, or mowing down on a burger and fries while […] Read More

BR CA 1 and 2 What does it mean for Angelina-Jolie?

Breast cancer was in the spotlight again this week. With the announcement of Angelina Jolie’s decision to have a double mastectomy, many womens websites were buzzing about genetic testing and the benefits of determining genetic risk for breast cancer. Over 1600 comments were registered on the Jolie’s New York times article reflecting significant public interest […] Read More

Digital Mammography makes Headlines today- DR is better than CR

I received numerous emails and phone calls about todays article published in Radiology May 14, 2013, Digital Mammography: Direct Outperforms Computed Radiography by Laurie Barclay, MD. So what is CR and DR mammography anyhow? A CR (computed radiography) Mammogram is an offline system using a cassette-based removable detector and an external reading device to generate […] Read More

Update on SARS

From Reuters Health: World Health Organization (WHO) officials reported that a new coronavirus could be passed between humans, but only after prolonged contact. It has killed at least 18 people in the Middle East and Europe. A virus from the same family killed 775 people in 2003, the year of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Distress […] Read More

Fashion Footwear Celebration

If you haven’t picked up that something special for mom just yet – here is an idea. Italian luxury brand Ferregamo is celebrating the 35th anniversary of its iconic Vara pump. To celebrate, they have launched L’Icona (icona.ferregamo.com), an innovative online project curated and art directed by fine art photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank. The site […] Read More

Hot New Fitness Trend of 2013- Crossfit

Hot, New Fitness Trend of 2013: CrossFit The year 2013 has brought a new wave of working-out which takes women out of the gym and more in tune with their bodies. One of the newest fitness trends includes CrossFit, a style of training that involves explosive plyometrics, strength training, weight lifting, kettle bells, body weight […] Read More

Celebrate Mom

Celebrate Mom! Another wonderful, stressful year for mothers has gone by filled with temper tantrums, school plays, birthdays, boo-boo’s, graduations and nights where all you want to do is sleep. Our moms have such a profound effect on us that most grown children, let alone young children, don’t even realize. As Mother’s Day 2013 approaches, […] Read More