DAILY HEALTH TIP-Depressing Diets

Is your diet making you depressed? According to the World Health Organization one of society’s most difficult challenges is dealing with depression. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition what we eat may be a contributing factor. James E. Gangwisch assistant professor of psychiatry at Columbia University wanted to know if foods with a […] Read More

Historic week for Women

According to the Twitter chatter, it was a historic or rather (as they tweeted) a “herstoric”  week for Hillary Rodham Clinton. An impressive  parade of speakers of all backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities.  Both men and women  presented “their stories” in support of Hillary Clinton as the first female democratic nominee for the President of the […] Read More

Daily Health Tip: What is Metabolic Syndrome?

You may be wondering why I am writing this series of articles on obesity and diets. On a daily basis I am constantly reminded of the obesity epidemic we are faced with. Radiologists see a large proportion of clients who are obese and have high blood pressure, diabetes (abnormal blood sugar levels), kidney disease and osteoathritis. They are referred for X-rays, ultrasound, […] Read More