Staying Fit During the Holidays

Staying Fit During the Holidays: By Rachel Horwitz At Thanksgiving you gobbled up the turkey, during Hannukah you were dealt one too many chocolate coins, over Christmas you unwrapped a heaping helping of figgy pudding and the Kwanza cakes nearly made you burst. Now what? The New Year is just around the corner and not […] Read More

Braving Boxing Day

Braving the crowds on Dec 26th? By Kim England. Here’s what to wear: The key to a successful shopping trip, and most great outfits, is comfort. On Boxing Day, you can expect to encounter crowds and long line-ups. You want to be focusing on the great deals, not your aching shoulders or feet. When you […] Read More


H&M’s latest collaboration is inspired by the street-style fashions of Lisbeth Salander, the main character in Steig Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. With the US adaptation of the movie scheduled to premiere next week, the collection is timely and sure to drum up more interest in the film. The 30-piece capsule collection was […] Read More

Best Post-Baby Body

Best Post-Baby Body Keeping fit is a daily affair that requires determination and motivation. The regiment itself is enough to deter people and the endless specifics of the routine only induce more panic. Moreover, getting in shape can be challenging as you age, yet it can also be troublesome when you’re young. For many people […] Read More


10 Worst Diet-Breaking Foods It’s well known that all the best foods are some of the worst for you. Their either too high in fat, or in sugar for any sane person to actually devour them. But they taste so good! I understand the protest. That is why they are tempting foods, because you know […] Read More

Unorthodox Exercises

Unorthodox Exercises A clever fitness commercial summarizes the traditional gym experience quite well, “I lift things up and put them down”. But the gym machines or running ten miles a day are not habits for everyone. Gaining a hold on your personalized workout routine begins with deciding what type of exercise you wish to perform. […] Read More


Sales Support Heading into the holiday season, a lot of retailers have slashed prices to entice you to shop till you drop! Getting something for a discounted price is always great, but how do you evaluate whether it is truly a good deal? Here are some handy do’s and don’t to think about before heading […] Read More