Vancouver Sun Article about Controversial Breast Screening Study by Dr. Paula Gordon

This article explains in simpler language what the previous article discussed around the controversial CNBSS study. Opinion: Shoddy Canadian research is putting women’s lives at risk Regular mammography screenings detect cancer, despite what flawed study reported BY PAULA GORDON, SPECIAL TO THE VANCOUVER SUN FEBRUARY 13, 2014 Opinion: Shoddy Canadian research is putting women’s lives […] Read More

Fashion Flurry

Its that time of year when we are all a little tired of our winter wear. Just in the knick of time – enter New York Fashion Week. Right now, fashion insiders are slogging their way through snow, slush and sleet to make their way to the fashion tents all while looking fabulous. While checking […] Read More

Life Lessons from Costa Rica

In the midst of a record breaking snowy winter I had the pleasure of escaping to sunny Costa Rica. As always, traveling inspires me and is an opportunity to explore new cultures and meet new people. One of my fondest memories of Costa Rica took place at the hot springs located near the Arenal Volcano, […] Read More

Vitamin D may help Fibromyalgia Sufferers

One of the benefits of taking Vitamin D supplements in women over 50, is maintaining healthy bone density. A recent study conducted on 30 women who suffer from Fibromyalgia Syndrome suggest that women with FMS (Fibromaylgia Syndrome) may also benefit from Vitamin D monitoring and supplementation. Low Vitamin D levels (calcifidiol) were defined as levels […] Read More

Breaking Bone News!

During the course of my work day, I will review and report a large number of chest, spine, or extremity x-rays taken on postmenopausal women with low bone density or osteoporosis. While catching up on journal reading, I came across some exciting research news for women with osteoporosis. Published in the New England Journal of […] Read More