THE FANTASY OF FANCY DIAMONDS When most of us think of diamond, we think of it as a colourless stone. White diamonds have always been the predominant market but, Fancy coloured diamonds have now risen in status to the pinnacle of the gem world. Their popularity is exploding so much so that dealers often say […] Read More

How to Lose excess Pounds

Americans are all about the easy fix, and boy, is this easy. Losing a pound a week sounds like a monumental task, but it is rather simple. Now, you won’t lose one a week until the end of time. These tips are meant to encourage changes in your lifestyle to help you shed pounds gradually […] Read More

Spring Trends for 2012

With our first long weekend of the spring officially behind us I think the warm weather is here to stay! If you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe this season, this handy list of spring trends will help to identify this season’s standouts once you hit the shops. Peplum A peplum is a short flare […] Read More

The Power Of Hormones…..

The Power of Female Hormones: A transgender Canadian beauty was disqualified from participating in the Miss Universe Canada pagent. Not because she wasn’t a good candidate, but because she was not a naturally born female. Jenna Talackova, is a very tall and very feminine looking blonde who underwent gender reassignment surgery and hormone treatment at […] Read More

What is in a Name?

Namesake bags have been prevalent in fashion for decades. Today I’ll look into the origins of the names of a few of the most recognizable handbags in fashion today. A chance encounter between singer-actress Jane Birkin and the CEO of Hermes on a flight led to the development of the Birkin bag. One of the […] Read More

Best Vacations for Fitness

Best Vacations for Fitness Have you ever gone on vacation and felt like you sit in the hotel room more often than you are outside? Have you been in a remote location without any activities to keep you engaged? Finding the right destination for your vacation can be challenging if you’re trying to please everyone […] Read More

Better Health Better Menopause

Have you experienced any of the following symptoms? • Hot flashes, night sweats, flushes, cold flashes, or a clammy feeling • Irritability, mood swings • Rapid heartbeat • Issues with sleeping • Shorter, lighter periods, heavier periods, irregular menstruation • Vaginal dryness • Anxiety • Loss of libido • Feelings of apprehension • Memory lapses […] Read More

Great meals for the Picky Eater

How to satisfy the Picky Palate: For a woman on a diet, the most difficult aspect of staying healthy can be the meals made for the family that are too high in fat or calories. Or worse, having to make a limited menu because of a picky spouse or kids. Worry not, your salvation is […] Read More

Denim Jeans Guide

A well fitting pair of jeans is a staple in any wardrobe. While styles of jeans come and go, if you stick to what looks best on you, you can’t go wrong. Here’s how to wear ’em. Skinny jeans Remember when these were a trend reserved for those perfect in proportion? Now everyone has realized […] Read More