The Coconut Oil Debate

For the past few years, it has seemed as though every health magazine and site has been touting the benefits of coconut oil and its many uses. We were advised to cook with it, gargle with it, put it on our face, hair and skin – to name just a few uses. It was touted […] Read More

Vegetable Dishes With Fun Names May Be More Popular Than Those With Healthy Names, Study Suggests

When is a carrot not just a carrot? When it’s a “twisted citrus-glazed carrot.” New research shows that when vegetables are described in new and exciting ways, diners tend to choose these healthy foods more often. One nutritionist wasn’t surprised by the finding. “Ask a dietitian and they will tell you a positive eating experience […] Read More

All About Kombucha

You may have noticed kombucha (pronounced kom*boo*cha) popping up everywhere from health food stores to your local Shoppers Drug Mart. If you have ever wondered (or are starting to wonder) what all the fuss is about, read on for an overview. What is it? Once a very obscure beverage, kombucha is now a popular drink […] Read More

Raw Milk, Cheese Cause 840 Times More Illnesses Than Pasteurized Products, Study Finds

KEEPING OUR READERS INFORMED WITH THE LATEST NEWS UPDATES FROM THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. STAT (5/9, Branswell) reports, “Unpasteurized milk and cheeses made from it are responsible for nearly all foodborne illnesses caused by contaminated dairy products…and the growing popularity of and access to these products threaten to increase the number of disease outbreaks caused by […] Read More

Using Curcumin as a Natural Strategy for Calming Inflammation

Written By: Alana Karran Inflammation has been linked to nearly every chronic health condition, from Arthritis to heart disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Keeping inflammation under control is crucial to managing these and other illnesses, yet over the counter and prescription medications come with their own health inducing issues. Centuries old natural remedies […] Read More