Don’t Bank on Heart-Rate Accuracy From Your Activity Tracker

Article Source: HealthDay News Wrist-worn activity trackers such as Fitbit don’t reliably assess heart rate, a new study finds. While the devices may have some legitimate benefits, they shouldn’t be used for medical purposes, researchers suggest. Evaluating four wearable activity trackers from Fitbit, Basis and Mio, the investigators compared results to those from an electrocardiograph (EKG). […] Read More

Ready for Spring Allergies?

Article Source: HealthDay News Spring routinely spells misery for allergy sufferers, but a recent survey reveals that most patients don’t try to manage their symptoms until it’s too late. The survey asked more than 1,000 adults with seasonal allergies and more than 500 parents of children with seasonal allergies how they prepared for the high […] Read More

Simple Mindfulness Tips Using Your Smart Phone

Written By Alana Karran Generally, it’s an oxymoron to think of your smartphone as an instrument of mindfulness. Constant checking and re-checking, texting, Apps, social media, all attention grabbers and potential distractions to being present in the moment. Fortunately, a few new apps are attempting to change how we use our phones to actually promote […] Read More

Using Curcumin as a Natural Strategy for Calming Inflammation

Written By: Alana Karran Inflammation has been linked to nearly every chronic health condition, from Arthritis to heart disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Alzheimer’s and cancer. Keeping inflammation under control is crucial to managing these and other illnesses, yet over the counter and prescription medications come with their own health inducing issues. Centuries old natural remedies […] Read More